How Parents & Guardians Can Help

The Chung Do Kwan believes that parents play a very important role in their child’s development in sport.  To that end, the Chung Do Kwan would ask all parents to contribute to the Junior Chung Do Kwan and their child’s participation in sport.  In particular the Chung Do Kwan expects all parents to:

1. Encourage but not force an unwilling child to participate in Martial Art/ Sport or in the Chung Do Kwan.

2. Recognise that children’s enjoyment in Martial Art/ Sport and as a member of the Chung Do Kwan is paramount.

3. Emphasise enjoyment and fun and praise and reinforce effort and improvement.

4. Promote and teach fair play by setting a good example.

5. Teach their child that effort and teamwork are as important as winning.

6. Help their child to set realistic goals, improve their skills and develop a positive Martial Art/ Sporting Attitude.

7. Never ridicule or shout at any child for making a mistake or losing a competition.

8. Acknowledge and applaud good play by all players including opposing players.  Parents/Guardians should set an example by being friendly towards the opposing team, its supporters and parents.

9.  Publicly accept an official’s judgement and never question their honesty.

10. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s Martial Art/ Sporting Activities.

11.  Express any concerns about their child or the Chung Do Kwan to the nominated officer.

12.  Recognise the importance and value of instructors and others within the Chung Do Kwan who give their time, expertise and resources to provide opportunities for young people.

13. Offer whatever assistance they can to the running of the Junior Chung Do Kwan and support the Chung Do Kwan and their child where possible i.e. by providing transport to training/competitions; watching matches; making sure that their child has appropriate clothing and equipment; supporting fund raising and social events.

14. We would like to encourage parents/guardians not to stay to watch training sessions all the time as this can sometimes be as distraction, or safety net, for them. Time is sometimes needed for young children to settle in, and and for parents to gain trust in us, but like any school there comes a time to leave young people to get on with it.