Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy and Procedures

We in Chung Do Kwan are committed to good practice which protects young people from harm. Members, instructors, officials and voluntary helpers in Chung Do Kwan NI accept and recognise their responsibility under the Children (NI) Order 1995 to provide an environment which promotes the safety of young people at all times. In order to safeguard the young people in our care we will:

  1. Develop an awareness of the issues which may lead to young people being harmed.
  2. Create an open environment, by identifying a ‘contact person’ to whom young people can turn if they need to talk.
  3. Adopt child centred and democratic coaching styles.
  4. Adopt child protection guidelines through codes of conduct for players and all adults working in the Chung Do Kwan. Adult may include coaches, parents, leaders and volunteers.
  5. Ensure careful recruitment, selection and management procedures.
  6. Ensure complaints and disciplinary procedures are included in our constitution.
  7. Share information about concerns with young and parents and others who need to know.
  8. Provide information as required to management committees.
  9. Be involved in training made available through the various agencies, and strengthen links with these agencies.
  10. Follow Governing Body guidelines on good practice for coaches
  11. Keep the Child Protection Policy under regular review.


  1. The Children (NI) Order 1995.
  2. Our Duty to Care 1992.
  3. The Sports Council for Northern Ireland: Factsheet on Child Protection.