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Competiton Success

Article in the Rathfriland Outlook Newspaper

Irish Taekwondo Championships

Samuel, Aaron and Stephen from Chung Do Kwan NI following their success at the Irish National Championships 

Article in the Mourne Observer Newspaper 


Stephen demonstrating his skills!

Competition Success

Competing at the Irish National Taekwondo Championships in Dublin on 29 november 2014 Enya Robinson and Robert McGreevy both got to the finals, each winning a Silver medal. Well done!

Chung Do Kwan Clothing

CDK NI Sports Tops

Chung Do Kwan NI Sportswear

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Team Chung Do Kwan in Bristol

On 26 June Team Chung Do Kwan travelled to Bristol to compete in the English taekwondo championships. The competition was on Sunday, so the team had Saturday in Bristol to see the sights, some of which no-one wanted to see (drag-race anyone?).

Having spent the day in the 26 degree heat, David McQuitty researched local knowledge to find a restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef. We decided to walk there, as we were assured it was 10 minutes away. Little did we know, as we were walking through what must be Bristol’s own ghetto admiring the graffiti, massage parlours, and hoping that we wouldn’t need to use our taekwondo training until the next day, that the 10 minutes quoted was by plane. Although it seemed as if we had walked halfway to Manchester, the steaks were excellent, and we are supposed to be athletes!

On Sunday the competition was held in Keynsham, about 5 miles from the centre of Bristol. Again, the weather was fantastic, although it meant that the competition hall was warm, increasing the energy-sapping effect of competing! The WTF poomsae competitions were first, followed by the WTF sparring (Kyeorugi) competition, the results of which we’ve already posted. The competition was well ran, the atmosphere was very friendly and the team were well received leading to an enjoyable day.

Post competition we found a nice pub for Sunday lunch and watched the England match. There was a huge tv screen in the park beside the pub, so the pub was empty! Unfortunately the England team didn’t perform as well as we did that day.

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