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Summer Holidays

The last class in Avoneil is on Monday 8 July, starting back on 2 August.

Newtownards class will only be closed on 10 July and training will start back on 17 July.

All Chung Do Kwan NI members are welcome to train in Newtownards.
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Christmas Holidays

The classes will be breaking for Christmas as follows;

Avoniel: Last class – 17 Dec, Start back – 4 Jan
Castlewellan: Last class – 18 Dec, Start back – 8 Jan
Newtownards: Last class – 19 Dec, Start back – 2 Jan
Downpatrick: Last class – 20 Dec, Start back – 10 Jan
Bangor: Class Finished, Start back 5 Jan

Why Taekwondo

Our group, Chung Do Kwan N. Ireland practice Taekwondo, which is one of the world’s most popular martial artspracticed in over 167 countries by over 50 million men, women, and children. It is also an Olympic sport, and at Chung Do Kwan we can provide the gateway for those talented enough to reach high levels of performance.

The media and research highlights that many young people particularly those form disadvantaged backgrounds have unhealthy lifestyles including poor diet and lack of exercise amidst growing concerns about their emotional well being. Taekwondo can complement any young person’s development by addressing these concerns, as well as meeting some of the Northern Ireland Curriculum (NIC) statutory requirements.

What are the benefits to young people?

Taekwondo provides another way for young people to develop a healthy lifestyle. Taekwondo encourages young people to take regular exercise and to improve their diet. It enables young people to develop their body shape, physical strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination. It promotes values such as individual responsibility, mutual understanding, respect for diversity and skills such as, communication and working with others. It promotes self-confidence and self-esteem which are essential for a young person’s emotional well-being. All of which are important to the development of young person’s sense of self.

Additional benefits.

In addition to extending the range of extra-curricular activities Taekwondo can benefit in other ways. For example, it provides an opportunity for young people who may not usually be interested in traditional sports with another option. It is an inclusive sport open to girls and boys of all age groups. Through participation in training and competitions it encourages young people to mix with others. It promotes independence and respect for others and helps to build relations between young people and those in authority. Young people learn about the importance of self-discipline which helps young them become more responsible for their behaviour and actions.

What are the benefits to the local community?

Taekwondo can be used to bring together young people from the local community and from across communities. It is an opportunity to learn about each other and encourages mutual understanding and respect for diversity. It encourages young people to use their free time in a positive way and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Summer Holidays

Classes at Avoneil have stopped for the summer and will resume on Friday 3 August. Classes in Newtownards and Bangor will continue as normal. All are welcome to attend.