Chung Do Kwan NI (CDK NI) was formed in 2003 through the support and help of the Chung Do Kwan Group. Chung Do Kwan is dedicated to the teaching and practice of Tae Kwon Do while also promoting the importance of exercise and general well-being in both children and adults. Chung Do Kwan has endeavoured to keep the traditions of Tae Kwon Do as a Martial Art alive but also includes competition training (Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do) and fitness workouts in its curriculum providing students with classes that are both varied and enjoyable.

Martial Arts is a product of traditional culture and although there have been major changes over the past few years, it has always been the aim of the Chung Do Kwan Society and Chung Do Kwan N. Ireland to remain true to the traditional approach whilst incorporating modern training methods.

We are a Clubmark NI accredited club. This provides reassurance for parents that their child is attending a quality club that provides positive and progressive sports opportunities in safe environments. You can find out more here Chung Do Kwan NI – Policies